Wild About Nature
Explorers Registration

Ages 6-8 (entering 1st grade – entering 3rd grade)

Camp Information

Fee: $385/wk (10% discount for multiple children/weeks)
$150/wk non-refundable deposit due at registration
Schedule: 9am drop-off; 3pm pick-up (4pm pick-up option for an additional $65/child)
Group size: 12 campers, 2 counselors

Week 1: June 24 – June 28 – Forest Frenzy

There are many creatures that call the forests of Camp Denison home. Spend the week hiking to different parts of the forest, learning about our local animals along the way. We’ll look for salamanders under logs, take a close look at deer artifacts, and even try to build your own bird nest!

Week 2: July 1 – 3 (no camp on July 4-5) – I’ll Fly Away

Reduced price ($230) for a 3 day week

The gift of flight allows certain animals to have a serious advantage in the wild. Spend a week studying birds and bugs and learning the secrets of flight. Be prepared to create your own airborne devices while also catching dragonflies, building bird blinds, and searching for baby ducks on Baldpate Pond!

Week 3: July 8 – 12 – Wetland Wonders

There’s an entire world of creatures just below the surface of the water. Spend a week getting to know these underwater creatures as well as those that dwell above the waterline. We’ll study how beavers make their dams and lodges, how insects breathe underwater, get muddy catching frogs, and see if we can catch any of the fish that live in Baldpate Pond!

Week 4 at Camp Denison: July 15 – 19 – Forest Magic

The forest can be a magical place. While we know that there are many small animals such as toads, salamanders, and chipmunks that roam the forest floor, there are also rumors that fairies and gnomes inhabit the deeper woods of Camp Denison. During this fun-filled week, campers will create a fairy/gnome village deep in the woods and decorate it with natural materials designed to attract these mythical creatures while also learning about the smaller animals that call our woods home.

Week 4 at Hoods Pond: July 15 – 19 – Art By The Pond

Fee for Hood’s Pond week: $425

The natural world is often the inspiration for great works of art. During this week, we explore the edges of Hood’s Pond seeking inspiration and appreciating the beautiful scenery. Campers will experiment with different mediums such as acrylic, watercolors, and clay. Become a true nature artist!

Week 5: July 22 – 26 – Predator v. Prey

It’s a bird eat bug world out there. But, what if that bug doesn’t want to be dinner for that bird? How might it protect itself? And doesn’t that bird need to be on the lookout for hungry hawks? During this week we will delve into the world of predator/prey relationships and what adaptations animals have that either enhance their ability to find food or protect them from becoming food.

Week 6 at Camp Denison: July 29 – August 2 – Introduction to Survival

Learning to survive in the wild takes many years of experience and the honing of skills. Take the first step on this journey by learning the basics of survival: shelter building, wild edible foraging, and fire safety. Campers will spend the week constructing a mini-village in the woods where they will explore, play games, and work on their new skills!

Week 6 at Hoods Pond: July 29 – August 2 – Ecosystem Insanity!

Fee for Hood’s Pond week: $425

Spend a week exploring the diverse habitats around Hood’s Pond! Campers will search fields, forests, and wetlands for native animals while learning a bit more about what makes these ecosystems work. Campers will be challenged to make their own soil, catch frogs and dragonflies, and to create a terrarium based on their favorite ecosystem. Become an ecosystem expert!

Week 7: August 5 – 9 – Animal Engineers

There are a plethora of animals that have an impressive set of engineering skills. Beavers build dams and lodges; birds build their nests. Put your skills to the test! Spend the week building dams, nests, animal homes, human-sized shelters, and boats!

Week 8: August 12 – 16 – From Sun to Snakes

No 4pm pick up option this week

Did you know that all living things have a bit of the sun’s energy inside them? During this action-packed week we will work our way up a local food chain! We will start by taking a closer look at some of our native plants (and perhaps gaining energy from them by eating some tasty berries…) and then each day look for an organism higher up on the food chain, ending with one of our stealthiest predators, owls. Catching butterflies, dragonflies, toads, snakes, and salamanders will all be on the agenda!

Cancellation policy: If a day of camp is cancelled due to severe weather, all camp families will receive a full refund for that day.

All payments are fully refundable prior to May 1 (less deposit). After May 1, a refund is only available if we can fill your camper’s spot off our wait list.