Vacation Week Registration

April Vacation Days

Where: Camp Denison, 84 Nelson St., Georgetown

When: February 21-24, 9am-3pm

Ages: 6-11 years old

Fee: $75/day, $275/4 days

Counselors: Morgan Davidson, Alex Flores

April 18 – Aquatic Invertebrates

Many different animals call Baldpate Pond their home. Today, we will be investigating what creatures live just beneath the surface of the water. In the afternoon, students will construct their own mini boats and test them in the pond!


April 19 – Backyard Birds

Spring is one of the best times of year for birdwatching. We will talk about different common birds that live in our area and try to identify them. Students will get the chance to build their own bird nests and bird blinds!


April 20 – Reptiles & Amphibians

Our local reptiles and amphibians are just beginning to be active again after the long winter. Students will learn the difference between reptiles and amphibians, and about amphibians’ special life cycles. If we are lucky, we will catch some frogs, snakes and salamanders!


April 21 – Ecosystem Engineers 

Beavers are the engineers of the natural world. We will talk about the different adaptations beavers have that make them such great builders. Students will try to build their own beaver dams and make a fun beaver craft!

Due to space restrictions, our group will be capped at 12 students. Program participants will bring their own snacks and lunches along with appropriate outdoor gear. A full list of what to bring will be sent to those who register.