Scout Program

Boy Scout Programs

NSNP is excited to announce that we will be working with local boy scout and girl scout troops! Whether your pack needs help identifying plants or animals, learning how to use a pocket knife, or practicing catching freshwater fish, we have the right program for you! We are also happy to customize a program based on your groups needs.

Feel free to connect with Andrew Prazar, our Program Director, to chat about some upcoming opportunities!


Tigers in the Wild
Join us at Camp Denison for a guided hike into the wild of the Boxford State Forest. On our adventure, we will be identifying several different trees and animals along the way! If we are lucky, our pack might even notice some tracks of animals leading to their dens! To finish up the program, we will have a campfire at the Nature Center to discuss leave no trace tactics.


Paws on the Path
Welcome Wolves! We will be embarking on an adventure in search of something awesome! Make sure to bring the proper hiking gear and materials as we will be on the lookout for some unique animals. On our quest, we might even be able to see some tracks and animal homes! Heading back to the Nature Center, the wood stove will be roaring, and we will review the outdoor ethics code in addition to creating some maps.


Bear Claws
Join us at North Shore Nature Programs to learn how to safely use a pocketknife and carve some awesome designs! To begin our program, we will review knife safety and learn how to properly maintain and use your own. Once this is completed, we will venture out into the wild looking for sticks to create primitive spears and other designs.

A Bear Goes Fishing
At Camp Denison, we are right on the shores of Baldpate Pond, a great ecosystem that provides tremendous freshwater fishing. For this program, scouts will learn about various fish that call Baldpate pond home in addition to Mass Wildlife regulations that protects key species. Once we are completed, we will practice using our fishing rods and try our luck out on the pond! I’ve heard that there are some monster largemouth bass!


Will your scout group be able to survive the wild? North Shore Nature Programs welcomes you to find out for yourself! We will begin our program with a brief discussion of the four pillars of survival; food, water, shelter, and fire. After the talk is over, we will head out into the Boxford State Forest and learn/practice these survival skills ourselves. Can you quickly erect a shelter, construct a fire, and gather enough food before the night arrives?