Hoods Pond
Wild About the North Shore

Camp Information

Schedule: 9am drop-off; 3pm pick-up

6-8 (entering 1st-3rd grades)
9-11 (entering 4th-6th grades)
Group size: 12 campers, 2 counselors

at Hoods Pond
145 Haverhill Rd, Topsfield
Fee: $450 (10% sibling discount)

Week 3: July 10-14 – Wetland Wonders

There’s an entire world of creatures just below the surface of the water. Spend a week getting to know these underwater creatures as well as those that dwell above the waterline. We’ll study how beavers make their dams and lodges, how insects breathe underwater, get muddy catching frogs, and see if we can catch any of the fish that live in Hood’s Pond!

Week 4: July 17-21 – Ecosystem Insanity

Spend a week exploring the diverse habitats of Hood’s Pond and Willowdale State Forest! Campers will search forests and wetlands for native animals while learning a bit more about what makes these ecosystems work. Campers will be challenged to make their own soil, catch frogs and dragonflies, and to create a terrarium based on their favorite ecosystem. Become an ecosystem expert!

Week 6: July 31-August 4 – I Will Survive

If you decided to live in the woods, would you be able to survive? During this extremely popular week, we will provide you with the basic skills you need to make a “comfortable” home in the woods. Try your hand at building a weatherproof shelter, learn what plants are safe to eat, attempt to catch “large” game like fish and frogs using primitive tools, and learn how to start a fire without matches. While you may not be ready to leave your life of comfort, by the end of the week you’ll have the skills to do so.

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