Homeschool Classes

The goal of NSNP’s homeschool programs is to instill a love of nature in our students while also facilitating positive social interactions within the group. Our homeschool class routine is as follows: warm up with a group game, eat a quick snack, spend about 1-1.5 hours on focused exploration connected to the day’s theme followed by 30 minutes of free play/exploration. During this final half hour, students can practice specific wilderness skills, participate in group activities and games, or engage in individual exploration.


Weekly Homeschool Class Schedule

Mondays at Camp Denison (Georgetown)

10am – 12pm

Ages: 6-10


Fall is a season of dramatic changes. While September’s fruits, flowers, and seeds remind us that there’s still some of summer’s bounty to enjoy, by November it’s clear that winter is around the corner. During our fall homeschool classes, we will take a closer look at what adaptations plants and animals have that help them manage these drastic changes. We will also prepare for winter ourselves by building a winter-proof shelter, identifying and collecting wild edibles, and learning how to safely start and tend a fire.


Preschool Pinecones – Camp Denison (Georgetown)

Dates and Time: Fridays, 1:30pm-2:30pm

Ages: 3-5


This fall our Preschool Pinecones will learn about the changes that animals and plants undergo as they prepare for the winter. We will investigate the seeds and nuts made by plants, search for frogs and salamanders, learn about special animal adaptations, and explore underwater for animal life. 
Each class will open with a short story followed by a hike and a craft. Students should wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes. Bug spray is recommended and should be applied prior to class.


Custom Programs

Don’t see a program that fits your needs or schedule? Contact us directly about creating a custom program for your homeschool cohort. Email Andrew Prazar at for more information.