Homeschool Classes

Spring is an amazing time to get outside and explore. During this session, our homeschoolers will search vernal pools for amphibian egg masses, roll logs in search of salamanders and invertebrates, dip nets in ponds in the hopes of catching a fish or frog, and learn about wildflowers and pollination. 
Our homeschool class routine is as follows: warm up with a group game, eat a quick snack, spend about an hour on focused exploration connected to the day’s theme followed by 30 minutes of free play/exploration. During this final half hour, students can practice specific wilderness skills, participate in group activities and games, or engage in individual exploration.
The goal of our homeschool programs is to instill a love of nature in our students while also facilitating positive social interactions within the group. 


Weekly Homeschool Class Schedule

Tuesdays at Breakheart Reservation (Wakefield)


Ages: 6-10


Breakheart Reservation offers a range of habitats to investigate and explore. During the late winter months, we will learn about animal adaptations, maple sugaring, search for tracks in any snow we may have, and practice our wilderness skills (shelter building, how to safely start and tend to a fire, and knife skills).



Thursdays at Camp Denison (Georgetown)


Ages: 6-10


Camp Denison offers 40 acres of wooded trails and shoreline along Baldpate Pond. During Spring, we can expect to search for amphibian eggs in vernal pools, look for emerging reptiles along the edge of Baldpate Pond, wander deep into the woods in search of wildflowers, wild edibles, and animal signs, while also honing some beginner wilderness skills such as shelter building and basic fire tending and safety.


Our 6-12 year old classes are drop-off classes. Our 4-6 year old classes can accomodate parents if desired. If you do not see a class that fits your location or schedule, contact Andrew ( to see if a custom homeschool program can be designed for your cohort.