Early Release Day Program Registration

Ages: K-6th grade
Time: Drop off any time between 1:15 – 1:45pm; Pick-up at 5pm
Upcoming Dates: April 5, April 12
Location: Camp Denison, 84 Nelson St., Georgetown
Fee: $40/student
Leaders: Andrew Prazar and Dan Holbrook

Looking for an exciting outdoor activity for those long early release afternoons? Check out NSNP’s half-day programs! Each month will feature a different challenge or activity that will keep your child moving, happy, and engaged with nature.

The feature of our upcoming half-day programs is: Ultimate Survival Challenge! During this three-hour program, participants will learn how to construct a fire without using a match, while also building primitive-style forts that will keep us safe from the elements. If we are lucky, our knowledgeable instructors will be able to find tracks of wild coyote and fox to follow. Come down to Camp Denison and enjoy everything nature has to offer!

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